Pump Works Inc.
Pump Works Inc.,
PO Box 1033,
Marshalls Creek, PA 18335-1033,

T: (570) 595-7211,
(570) 755-2776,
(570) 839-7900,
Toll Free - 888-675-2776,

Fully licensed and insured, The Pump Works Inc has been in the Pump Repair business for decades. Servicing both Residential and Commercial Properties, and always keeping our trucks stocked with all parts necessary to get the job done, we guarantee fast, efficient service at an affordable rate.

If you are utilizing a septic tank, your sewage treatment is important to keep up with. With our options for sewage treatment, your systems will keep running longer and more efficiently in order to save you time, money, and your yard. This system is placed underground, out of site, where the wastewater will be treated.
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