Naugle Plumbing
Naugle Plumbing,
233 South Miller Street,
Shillington, PA 19607,

T: (610) 777.1357

Plumbing Services - Bathroom Remodeling, Fixtures, designing, and installation.

Seweage Connection- Municipal and on-lot systems.

Water - Conditioning, filtration, purification, and other appurtenances for acidic, hard, contaminated, or foul tasting water.

Hot Water Heater - Gas, oil, and electric. Domestic coil units.

Pumps - Submersible and jet, sewage ejector, and sump pumps. Piping alterations/repairs.

Kitchens - Sinks and faucets, waste disposers, countertops, etc.

SERVICE is always number one! Clogged drain opening, faucet and toilet repairs, and replacements.
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