McElwains Electrical and Plumbing
McElwains Electrical and Plumbing,
193 Maple Street,
Rochester, PA 15074-1362,

T: (724) 774-0200,

Save money with a more economical system
Whether you need an efficient plumbing system installed in a new build or an older system updated to waste less water, we've got the prompt, friendly team that will get the job done right the first time.

* New construction plumbing: water, waste, and gas lines
* Replace and service existing plumbing: water, waste, and gas lines
* Electrical or gas hot water heaters
* Tank or tankless hot water heaters
* Plumbing fixtures
* Gas lines for swimming pools
* Garbage disposals
* Clogged drains
* Sump pumps
* Water softeners

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