Mainline PlumberMan

Mainline PlumberMan
604 Ellis Road,
Havertown, PA 19083

(610) 789-9630
(610) 609-6112 (Mobile)

Work Done:
"We want to do all your major jobs and welcome small jobs."

If it involves Plumbing, Electric, Heating, or Air Conditioning, from installing toilets to replacing worn out boilers with the latest high efficiency models we can do it.

No coupons, no sales force to pay, just Bill Gavin, owner to deal with.

I do my best to charge a fair price for both you and me. Please check my references. Phone #'s of customers will be provided if requested after I get OK to call from previous customers.

My Qualifications:
General, Plumbing, Electrical, and Heating and Air Conditioning Contractor since 1977.

I am insured, and licensed as a Master Plumber and Master Electrician.
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