Levengood Septic Service
Levengood Septic Service,
1058 Riverside Drive,
Pottstown, PA 19465-7065,

T: (610) 689-0113,
F: (610) 689-0115,

Levengood Septic Service was founded in 1998 by my late husband William (Bill) Levengood. Bill was very excited to start his own business. Bill’s motto was simple...an honest job at an honest price.

Bill was employed for 15 years at a local septic service. He was very close to the owner and learned a lot about the business from him. Bill credited his former employer for everything he knew. Due to health issues the owner of the company made the painful decision to sell his company. Now it was Bill's turn to make a very hard decision. He had to decide whether he wanted to work for another company or for himself.

With the blessing of his former employer Bill took a leap of faith and opened the doors to Levengood's Septic Service with a 4,500 gallon old Diamond Rio truck and this is how our adventure began.

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