Kauffman's Septic Service LLC
Kauffman's Septic Service LLC
236 Governor Stable R,d
Bainbridge, PA 15702,

T: (717) 367-8228,
F: (717) 367-1999,

Caring for your septic system
For years, Kauffman's Septic Service has been keeping septic tanks in Manheim, PA and the surrounding areas functioning properly and efficiently.

Locally owned and operated, our company provides prompt, reliable service for all your septic system needs. Call us for cleaning, maintenance needs.

Septic service you can trust
Call our PSMA certified technicians today for septic tank cleaning and maintenance services you can trust. We are fully certified for all septic system cleaning services.

Contact Kauffman's Septic Service today at 717-367-8228, or browse our website for more information about our services.
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