Kamzik's Sewer & Drain Cleaning

Kamzik's Sewer & Drain Cleaning,
Ebensburg, PA 15931,

T: (814) 472-1202 or (814) 266-5072,

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We can take care of all your minor repairs, such as digging open septic tanks, outlet and inlet line repairs, baffle repairs, and distribution box cleaning and repairs. We can also handle the big jobs like installation of tanks and sandmounds. We handle drain line cleaning and are equipped to clean lines as small as 1" or as large as 12". We have a water jetter that produces up to 500 lbs of pressure for the little jobs as well as 3000 lbs of pressure for the hard to clean jobs. This is especially helpful in cleaning grease lines, opening clogged inlet lines from the house to the septic tank, and cleaning the drainfield lines.
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