I.T. Landes & Son, Inc.
I.T. Landes & Son, Inc.,
247 Main St.,
Harleysville, Pa 19438,

T: (215) 256-4221,
F: (215) 256-1414,

About Us
I.T. Landes & Son, Inc. was established in 1929, by Isaiah T. Landes. Since the early years of our company, and through today, our philosophy of customer service and our customer's loyalty to us has been the foundation for growth. Our ability to adapt and embrace change and technology has made us proficient in all aspects of plumbing and heating & cooling. Today, we offer expertise in everything from the most basic plumbing services to the design and installation of multi-million dollar HVAC & plumbing systems for corporate and industrial applications.

Whether it is repairing a faucet or applying our AutoCAD capabilities to determine the most efficient design for a corporate heating system installation, one thing remains as true today as it was in 1929: I.T. Landes & Son is committed to excellence in our work and to our customers' complete satisfaction.
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