A-1 Sewer Cleaning Specialists
A-1 Sewer Cleaning Specialists
McKeesport, PA 15134

(412) 664-4212

We're number 1 in the number 2 business. We are a family-owned-and-operated business with three generations of dedication trained to serve. We have specialized in sewer and drain cleaning exclusively since 1939. Any plumbing work is referred to licensed plumbers.

We have developed an expertise in this field second to none and we are so confident that we advertise open or no charge on all main sanitary sewers hooked to a tap in. If the sewer is not broken, we will open it! If we don't, how can you lose? There will be no charge unless you want us to electronically locate or video the line.

If your sewer or drain is broken, we can pinpoint the exact location of the break and tell you its depth. We can also use cameras that we can follow above ground to inspect your pipe. A lot of our customers find us in desperation, looking for a second opinion on so-called "broken" sewers. In fact, 90% of all customers that use our service as a second opinion never have to dig! And boy are they surprised and elated to find their line can be opened . . . they can call off the contractor with the backhoe and save thousands!

Remember, companies make a lot more money replacing a line than cleaning it out. We mean no offense to the contractor that thinks a line is broken because he can't open it with his snake. We work for plenty of plumbing contractors that call us to either open their customers' line or locate the break. Only at this point must the customer dig.

We are also renowned for our specialty—cleaning root-infested sewer and drain lines. We are the only company that can do a thorough job of removing roots from 4- and 6-inch pipes. Our courteous and highly trained technicians are not only quick and efficient, but 90% of all the broken sewer calls we get are open in less than one hour and guaranteed to boot.

Our servicemen are also clean and tidy. They carry disposable plastic tarps, put them down as needed and even clean up within reason. Sinks, tubs, spouts, extra long lines—no problem! Call for quotes on water jetting, video pipe inspection, line location, and sewer gas leak detection and location. We offer 24-hour emergency service and our rates do not begin until we arrive at the site.
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